Michael Fraas Professor

Michael Fraas Professor

Welcome to michaelfraasprofessor.net, a resource for exploring the career and insights of Dr. Michael Fraas, a professor, clinician, and researcher with decades of experience studying speech pathology and communication disorders.

The landscapes of healthcare and academia are in a constant state of evolution, and individuals who are looking to break into either space often find that their journeys are made simpler through the insights of industry veterans. Professionals with experience contributing to key conversations in these fast-paced industries serve as great resources for individuals who are just starting out as they have the experience and know-how to guide them as they contextualize their efforts and work to make a difference.

Michael Fraas is one such professional who has vast experience as a professor in higher education, researcher, and clinician and has dedicated himself to contributing to resources that will push development within his areas of expertise. Through high-level resources that detail prevailing conversation topics within healthcare research, clinical communities, and teaching, Dr. Fraas hopes to inspire others to connect with their professional passions and work towards their individualized ideas of success.

About Michael Fraas- Professor, Healthcare Clinician, and Academic

Michael Fraas received his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in 2003, and he would utilize this educational foundation as the basis for his over 25-year clinical and research career in speech pathology and communication disorders. Michael’s research is primarily focused on areas such as concussion in sport, narrative medicine-based approaches for patients with brain injury, cognitive rehabilitation, and cognitive-motor interference following stroke. In addition to Michael Fraas’s experience as a researcher, he has also built a career as an academic, contributing over 25 publications and 50 presentations, and as a healthcare clinician in brain injury rehabilitation. This work is underlined by Dr. Fraas’s experience as a member of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine where he works within several task forces to review treatments for survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Fraas maintains that much of his success within his area of expertise is due to his critical thinking skills, effective communication, as well as organizational skills and attention to detail. He utilized these skills in his work as a higher education professor in Seattle, and they empowered him to impart key knowledge onto the next generation of leading minds in the medical field. Michael Fraas, as a professor, researcher, and clinician, also speaks to how his work to develop extensive international and cross-cultural competencies is crucial to his work as it has grown his understanding of the socioeconomic and sociopolitical inequities faced by individuals around the world and has contextualized his mission to help patients through his research. Michael has also noted that his work as a member of the Board of Directors for a school in Guatemala has had the similar impact of showing him how the scope of his work can be utilized to improve outcomes for his patients.

Michael Fraas is a proponent of staying active in his space as it plays a vital role in contributing to key conversations that drive evolution and innovation. Dr. Fraas is a member of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM), a member of the Brain Injury- Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) of the ACRM as well as treasurer of the group, President of Brillo de Sol, member of Epiphany Parish of Seattle, Board member of A Little Help, Miami Co., and more. Michael believes that giving back to communities empowers professionals to expand their ability to help others through their work and displays a commitment to changing our world for the better. To this point, Dr. Fraas is continuously in search of opportunities to collaborate with other experts in pursuit of maximizing efforts to engage with the community.

Colleagues of Michael Fraas speak to how he is extremely dedicated in his processes and has a profound interest in helping patients improve their health outcomes. Professionals who have worked with Michael throughout his two and a half-decade career note that his passion for growing his understanding of speech pathology and communication disorders is a motivating factor for others. Students of Dr. Michael Fraas mention that, as a professor, he is incredibly interested in the academic development of his students. He commonly speaks to how the students of today will serve as the thought leaders and resident experts of tomorrow, and he recognizes the unique position that educators are in to influence the innovations and developments that will be made possible by the new minds entering the medical field.

Michael Fraas’s Areas of Expertise

Michael Fraas maintains that the skills that he has developed over the course of his career have played a crucial role in his development as a successful professional. He acknowledges that educators, researchers, and clinicians need to remain constant students of their industries to push boundaries in their respective spaces. Below are a few of Michael Fraas’s areas of expertise:

  • Education
  • Clinical Research and Development
  • Analysis
  • International and Cross-Cultural Competencies
  • Speech Pathology and Communication Disorders
  • Professional Presentations
  • Medical Writing
  • Student Advocacy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

More from Michael Fraas

Michael Fraas Professor

Michael Fraas, as a professor, healthcare clinician, and academic, understands that there are many facets of his areas of expertise that individuals would like to grow their understanding of. Through a collection of resources meant to help clinicians, researchers, academics, families, and caregivers better understand the complexities of brain injury care and research, Dr. Fraas aims to contribute to conversations that may be useful to others in their personal and professional lives. Future posts from Michael Fraas will include topics such as recent TBI care developments, the importance of cross-cultural competencies in the medical field, his work at Brillo de Sol in Guatemala, and care methods that may help brain injury patients maintain their quality of life.

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